Met a man at a coffee shop in La Jolla. I was sitting on a barstool outside of a La Jolla coffee shop at a long countertop eating a muffin, when one of my crumbs dropped onto the table poorly placed below me. I quickly…

Met a man in a coffee shop

I am SO excited to be a creative part of something I truly can cheer about- a gathering of individuals and businesses interested in earth-friendly, sustainable business practices. At 5:30 tonight, Sweetwater Harvest Kitchen in Santa Fe, New Mexico will be hosting this Green Chamber…

Green Chamber Social

  Getting a website up was a huge challenge, and more than a little intimidating to someone who grew up in an era before regular use of PCs. However, as any entrepreneur knows, it has become a virtually necessary developmental aspect in building a successful…

Kathryn Ramps Up into the Tech World




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